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Protests Continue, Police Stand by

2006.10.26. 10:59 | ike

About 200-300 protesters gathered Wednesday evening on Kossuth tér near Parliament to commemorate the victims of a volley that killed at least 70 and injured 150 demonstrators on that day 50 years ago. This time, police did not intervene and even let three demonstrators cross the double cordon to lay wreaths on the ’56 memorial.

Further riots? Perhaps. The 1956 revolution erupted on October 23 and ended on November 4, when about a thousand Soviet tanks invaded Budapest. By noon, Moscow radio reported that Russian troops "crushed the forces of reactionary conspiracy against the Hungarian people".
Opposition leader Viktor Orbán now wants
Europe to declare November 4 a memorial day of the victims of communism. It is quite reasonable to expect that people will keep gathering on Kossuth tér for weeks, and larger crowds may come together by November 4 to commemorate the anniversary.

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