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Tank Man Lookalike

2006.10.26. 12:38 | ike

Remember the lone protester who halted tanks by simply standing in front of them on Beijing’s Tienanmen square in 1989?

Now that’s an easy job compared to what this Hungarian protester did to a tank in Budapest on October 23: he hijacked it. Watch the video here.

As the picture of the mysterious tank driver surfaced from an photographer’s archives a couple of minutes ago, it’s high time we organized a lookalike contest: which celebrity does this man, facing years in prison if convicted, resemble the most? Henry Ford? Rutger Hauer? Bohumil Hrabal? Martin Sheen? Kirk

Alternatively, you may decide to pick one of Kelly’s Heroes.

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Peter 2006.10.26. 17:32:24

You forgot one lookalike: Jack Palance.

Hungarian freedom fighter 2006 · 2006.10.27. 15:27:32

The man in tank is a real hero ! Do not forget him, people !

Hungarian 2008.05.15. 19:50:53

The man in the tank is a rel idiot! Do not forget him people! Hit him where it hurts!