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Shit Hits the Fan

2006.09.17. 19:00 | riotsinhungary

On September 17 an audiotape was sent to most major Hungarian newspapers, news sites, TV and radio stations. The recording on the tape was a speech by socialist prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsány, supposedly made on May 26. 2006 at a meeting of the Hungarian Socialist Party's (MSZP) MPs.

The speech consisted mostly of Gyurcsány detailing the quite well-known fact that the Hungarian economy was on the verge of collapse, and that something had to be done immediately. With lots of swearing never before heard from a Hungarian politician, Gyurcsány also went into how his government had done nothing in the past two years, instead choosing to lie to the Hungarian society.

Details of the speech were immediately highlighted by all Hungarian media. Some of these were:

"We don't have too many choices, because we fucked it up. Not just a bit: a lot. No European country has done something this idiotic ever."

"It's totally clear that we've been lying for the last two years. It's obvious that what we were saying was just not true."

"If we ask ourselves what have we done in the past four years, the only thing that we can be proud of, is that in this last period at least we were governing."

The socialists had won the April 2006 parliamentary elections without ever admitting how deep an economic crisis the country was in. Since April however the socialist-led government has started a program of mild economic reforms, most of which went directly against what they had promised before the elections.

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