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Moral Crisis - Whatever that may be

2006.09.18. 12:55 | riotsinhungary

After the first night of demonstrations, President László Sólyom gave a short press conference, where he strongly condemned Gyurcsány's admission of lying to his fellow Hungarians.

President László Sólyom: "Yesterday's news have pushed the country into a moral crisis, which is only made worse by the prime minister's reactions".

Leaders of the governing socialist party, as well as their coalition partners from the Alliance of Free Democrats (SZDSZ) are asking all demonstrators on the streets of Budapest to go home. They also accuse Viktor Orbán's Fidesz of instigating the demonstrations. According to Fidesz, the demonstrations have nothing to do with the party, however, they "understand why people are this desperate".

Fidesz representatives are concentrating on the upcoming local elections on October 1. They say this will give a chance to voters to show how disillusioned they are with the job the Gyurcsány government is doing. Fidesz believes that if they manage to beat the socialists by a very large margin (which, according to opinion polls, is not impossible), the socialists will be forced to resign.

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