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The Siege in Pictures

2006.09.19. 15:04 | ike

Peaceful demonstrators gather around the Hungarian Parliament Monday afternoon to protest Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány's leaked speech and demand his resignation.

Later into the evening, a few hundred protesters, many of whom later identified as football hooligans, decide to move in front of the Hungarian State Television building, only a few blocks from Parliament.

Outnumbered, riot police try to protect the building. Protesters throw bottles, cans and objects found around Szabadság tér at policemen.

Police send a water cannon vehicle into the midst of the crowd, but the car gets stuck in the mud it creates. Policemen suppposed to protect the vehicle flee from the scene. Rioters occupy the water cannon, set it on fire but eventally rescue the policeman stuck inside the burning car, waving flags and chanting "Hungarian cop with us".

Cars of MTV employees parked outside are set on fire and soon one of the building's windows is in flames as well. Unwilling to risk their lives, fire brigades initially refuse to put out the fire.

Police find cover in the building and eventually surrender. Rioters get inside, occupy the  offices, trash the furniture, steal whatever they find and loot the buffet.

Losses include computers, damage to the TV archives and two bottles of fine wine from MTV President Zoltán Rudi's office.

About 140 people, most of them policemen, suffer minor injuries. Two policemen are hospitalized with serious wounds. Police forces from all over the country are moved to Budapest; by early Tuesday morning, they clear the building and hermetically close Szabadság tér.

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