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The Siege - Stage 2

2006.09.19. 12:21 | ike

Violence erupted in a matter of minutes. A clearly identifiable, about 500-strong group tried to storm the building, but were pushed back by a small police force. From the beginning it was obvious that the rioters, many of them wearing typical football hooligan clothing, were more interested in the violence itself than in any political statement.

Outnumbered, police were attacked with rocks, sticks and bottles, and were forced to retreat into the building. A truck mounted with a water cannon was brought in, but the rioters quickly set it on fire, just like they did with the cars parked in front of the building. The police defending the building tried to barricade themselves, but finally had to give in, and the rioters managed to get in. Massive looting and vandalism ensued, a large police force was only able to enter the building after those who had laid siege to it left on their own will.

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