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Gyurcsány on CNN

2006.09.21. 14:52 | ike

Aside from the short but definitely funny appearance of Hungarian ambassador András Simonyi on the Colbert Nation (watch the show here) rarely has a prominent Hungarian figure appeared on any major US station. Until now. Gyurcsány was interviewed by CNN’s Nic Robertson on Thursday. General performance? Horrible gestures, face buried in hands, bad English and a constant refusal to explain what it feels like to lie for so long. Did the message come through? Was there a message in the first place? Oh, sure. The message is that things are complicated.

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vidra 2006.10.25. 08:45:58

" the show here..." Where? There is no link included!

elba 2006.10.27. 13:57:12

Hey guys..I think the CNN interview was funny...Unfortunately I can't find it anywhere..if u got a link post it

ike 2006.10.27. 15:49:21

nope, sorry. cnn has a transcript somewhere, but that's a cut version without the funny bits.

Tyb 2006.10.27. 20:20:24

I remember seeing it on YouTube. I didn't save it, but I remember that I found it using some combination of the obvious search words (like cnn, hungary, interview, gyurcsany, nic robertson and so on). It was really funny. Gyurcsány's English was so bad it was almost painful. And he clearly wasn't on top of the situation. Of course he never got uses to interviews like that. In Hungary, there are plenty of opportunities to appear only in "friendly" media, so he never had to face such embarrassing questions or interviewers who would insist on these questions being answered.

ike 2006.10.30. 12:52:06

You're right, the CNN interview is right there on YouTube. I've included it in the post. Enjoy.

Tamas 2007.07.21. 20:36:31

He has Borderline Personality Disorder.
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