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Cop and Politician on the Dark Side

2006.09.22. 14:54 | ike

Both the government and the police have tried to downplay the significance of the riots, arguing that the siege of the MTV and the ensuing street fights can be attributed to a few hundred football hooligans looking for trouble. That seems to be generally true – with a few notable exceptions.

- Oszkár Goró, member of the largest opposition party Fidesz is caught on videotape, apparently throwing something at the line of riot policemen. When questioned by his party, he says what he threw at the police was an empty beer can, and he did so because he got mad when he saw that policemen assaulted a reporter. Yeah, right.

- András Sváby, leading figure of the commercial TV station TV2 is seen among the onlookers. Sváby is not reporting – no camera, no microphone – he is  smiling and chatting with someone while the siege is on – he’s not throwing stones and not beating policemen, though.

- Flórián Urbán, ex-mediocre soccer player turned TV pundit was caught on camera participating merrily in the siege. He was inmediatley fired by his employers at Hungary's most popular commercial TV station, RTL Klub.

- An unnamed first lieutenant of the Hungarian police spotted among rioters . He was immediately fired from the police, then  taken into custody. Thursday, the daily tabloid Blikk reported that there was not one, but actually four policemen and a soldier of the Hungarian army among the protesters. Police and army officials have not confirmed this.

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