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50 000

2006.09.24. 11:12 | riotsinhungary

Yesterday night saw the most people on the streets of Budapest since the demonstrations started last Sunday. There were about 50 000 people on Kossuth square, even though it's quite hard to estimate: the organizers say a lot more, everybody else says a lot less.

The crowd was pretty impressive anyway, especially considering that Fidesz, the main opposition party that had a demonstration planned for this saturday since July, cancelled the thing two days ago. Apparently the Hungarian secret services have warned them that it would be impossible to guarantee the safety of the participants, since an unidentified criminal group was planning some unidentifed act of violence. Unidentifying is pretty big in Hungary!

Even if Fidesz backed out, some of its leading politicians went to the rally to speak to the gathered masses. Fortunately this time the chaos and streetfighting seen earlier this week was totally absent. However the extreme right-wing groups organizing the demonstrations warned that from next week the protests would extend to the entire country, unless Gyurcsány gives in resigns.

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