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Step into the Revolution!

2006.10.24. 13:34 | ike

On a second thought, I may opt for peace. I run back home to check my mailbox, and what do I find? An e-mail with a subject that says "Step into the Revolution!". It’s from Lauer Learning, a U.S. company that has developed Freedom Fighter 56, a "historically accurate educational computer game" with "original soundtrack and bilingual voice acting". How very appropriate! How very timely! Too bad I tested the demo back in July and I found the graphics lousy and the gameplay downright  stupid. The final version may only do better, but since it costs USD 29,99, there's a chance I'll never find out.

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Konstantin 2006.10.25. 07:12:56

This stupid and agressive video game is widely sold in the US to stupid Americans who are crazy enough to teach their kids to be terrorist in a country which is trembling from world terrorists. WOnder why the CIA is not going after it: "Make a Molotov cocktail"? "Burn a tank" - great, every day tens of Americans die of these techniques used by Iraquians. Gloria to the Lauer & Family production!

beeblebrox 2006.10.26. 00:33:14

check the contact on lauer learning site. where the LL's headquater is? in roswell.

Mike Buda · 2006.10.26. 20:18:21

the terror tactic element makes sense. modern car bombing and civilian terror bombings were wildly practised by a young jewish pro-israeli group called the stern gang
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