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Cop ID Contest – Identify a Riot Cop and Win International Fame Now!

2006.10.27. 12:51 | ike

Civil rights groups, including the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (TASZ) are questioning the legality of some police actions taken during the October 23 riots. Pictures and videos show police beating and kicking people lying on the ground defenseless, sometimes already in handcuffs; cops throwing cobblestones at protesters and using non-standard, privately purchased weapons such as baton-like but flexible sticks called „viperas” (vipers) – not this kind of viper, though.
Identification of potential Dirty Harrys is however difficult, if not impossible, since none of the thousands of policemen deployed wore IDs during the fights.
Budapest police chief Péter Gergényi told they might have lost their badges, which they are obliged to wear according to the Hungarian Police Act. News organs that publish riot pictures tend to blur the faces of policemen, although it is legally unclear why an officer on duty should remain unidentifiable.
Now, on to the contest! If you can identify any of the policemen in the following pictures or videos, send his or her name and rank to Riots in
Hungary and Win International Fame NOW! No purchase necessary. Contest void where prohibited by law.

At least one of the policemen is throwing a piece of stone at – seemingly innocent - protesters in this video we received via Paraszolvencia. But can you spot his badge number?

Innocent or not, the lone man in this video was unfortunate enough to bump into a bunch of riot cops while standing on a corner in downtown shopping street Váci utca. Your task: name at least one of the nine cops who beat him.

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totoro 2006.10.27. 15:03:01

Whoever argues with any police while the police is beeing attacked by stones is an idiot. I know dozens of people, who wanted to be outside of this crazy situation and they were not on those routes that the police wanted to defense.
It is real simple, just people don't think about it...
If a squad is under attack (the idiots used molotov-coctails too!) they won't think. It is Your choice to be between the idiots, who are thowing stones, demolish shops, burn-out cars, steal (!yes, it IS calles stealing) from construction sites...
Anyway: I am an ordinary citizen of Hungary. I pay taxes, so I and those, wo all like ME: WE ALL pay the restoriation of the placed SOMEONE destroy. Also WE pay for the hospitals to cure the hit people around there. WE pay the fuel of the emergency vans. WE pay the doctors (sad, we have medical problems here also!). AND WE pay the police also!

I wasn't there. I am no policeman, and even not an idiot, who is destroying the capital of us. I am just want You to think about this.

sid 2006.10.27. 15:14:30

Before attack making a digital photo (""We are the very hard guys..."") is idiotism..

akeort 2006.10.27. 15:17:39

totoro: yes, you have to pay more because the postcommunist-socialist party destroyed all the country. Actually, reading your text people can imagine how is a socialist mindless person. I hope people will destroy all of the fuc*** police in hungary.

festekszippanto 2006.10.27. 15:35:00

Yes, reading totoro's comment makes clear all of you what's the tipical postcommunist-socialist thinking...

I'm a Hungarian born in Serbia (thanks to Trianon)... Mr. Slobodan Milosevic has also created a lots of idiots who have been speaking about devastation of flowers in Belgrade when the opposition held mass rallies against the dictator...

STOP VIOLENCE! 2006.10.27. 15:50:11

For festekszippanto: This is a peaceful democracy for 16 years, its not Yugoslavia, don't mix different things. We don't want political instability, troubles and street wars, if you can't accept it, no problem: just go home.

The people who are attacking the police are agressive and violent, as you can see from many pictures and video. If this is a democratic thinking for you, then I think your brain is washed by some crazy ideology.

I don't care about the politicians, because all of them is a liar, I just want peace for Hungary!!

STOP Violence!

rintin 2006.10.27. 16:39:33

I suggest one more contest;
how many procent of the rubber bullets and tg grenades was shooted intentionally to targeting heads of the protesters?
1- 100%
2- 90%
3- 80%

ooops, one more suggest;

who's responsible for this whole shameful police attack?

1-Gyurcsány & the govmt?
3-totoro&stopv. like brain washed droids?
( can pick more...)

Gyomorfekély 2006.10.27. 16:41:58

STOP VIOLENCE!: on the second video the man attacked by the police doesn't looked like an aggressive and violent person... In fact, the police itself was the one who seemed to be aggressive. As I understood well, that is what this article about. Of course I also want peace, but this article is about our right for freedom, which was ignored by the leaders of the Hungarian police on 23th Oktober!

csebal 2006.10.27. 17:54:23

I don't agree with the way the police acted. Policemen should really wear identification numbers, so that legal complains about unprovoked agression can be targeted properly. Most of what we saw was a direct result of the fact, that they knew they are unindentifiable.

However, i'm also seriously against those, who try to make the police responsible for what happened on the 23rd. There is an organized destabilization and provocation going on by the opposition parties since the speech at Öszöd. It is clear as crystal to everyone not brainwashed by the politicians.

The responsible people are the politicians, who tell their followers to go onto the streets, who are talking about 'revolution', and 'overthrowing the opressing post-communist regime'.

You are just NOT ALLOWED TO INCITE REVOLUTION against a democratically elected goverment.

Do you realize how it sounds? Its like telling one half of the country to piss off, just because you don't like the goverment they choose.

Democracy, by its nature is a dictatorship for the minority. Those who can't accept this fact are in reality looking for a dictatorship following their own ideology, and should not call themselves democrats.

Oh, and BTW:
Everybody has the right to voice his opinion, but only so long as his right does not interfere with other people's rights.

Destroying parts of a city in the name of Democracy CAN'T BE JUSTIFIED BY ANY MEANS. No matter who is starting it. Personally i'm just as concerned for those who got their proterty damaged, those who were unable to get to work the next day, than i am for those who got attacked by the police without a reason.

Thats all there is to say about it.

festekszippanto 2006.10.27. 17:57:45


Hungary is not Yugoslavia or Serbia. I think we'll agree in this field :)
But: when I have to see many similar facts, then they make me think a bit. Sorry for that ;-)

For example: Slobodan Milosevic has also led the Socialist Party, the Serbian one, the Serbian Socialist Party. And he's been also a technocrat like Mr. Gyurcsány. He's won also (most of) his elections without being forced to swindle. And he had a police what has acted all the time the same like what we've seen in the past two weeks in Budapest.

1991.03.09, Belgrade: "A pitched battle broke out when Serbian riot police, firing rubber bullets, tear gas and water cannons, charged the ralliers. Many of the protesters fought back with trash cans, paving blocks ripped from the sidewalks and even furniture from open-air cafes."
You can read more, here:,9171,972607,00.html

The problems of the Eastern European countries are the same. It's simple... All the people who've led and maintained a supressing regime still live with us. They have simply 30-40 years vantage. That's why they could convert their communistic connections so fast to money and to power! And almost everywhere, not only in Hungary.

> if you can't accept it, no problem: just go
> home.

Thank you, you're very nice.
You're really "liberal". Thanks again.

> If this is a democratic thinking for you, then I
> think your brain is washed by some crazy
> ideology

Thanks for your democracy lessons... It's really nice of you. Really...

Gyomorfekély 2006.10.27. 18:58:05

to csebal:

"...The responsible people are the politicians, who tell their followers to go onto the streets..."

Don't you think that the responsible person is Mr. Gyurcsány itself? He was the one who made a mistake at 'Őszöd and he was the one who made a mistake in the months prior to this year's election by not doing anything but trying to get the crowd to re-elect him. And after that, he didn't say sorry to the people, on the conrorary, he tried to give everybody to believe that he is a "good guy". I wouldn't be surprised if after that people would go to street and protest without any encourage of the opposite parties, because it's a quite natural reaction. People don't like to be tricked and it's not nice when a politician make a joke about their everyday life. That's why all of these things happened. I think it would be better if Mr. Gyurcsány would say one magic word to the poeple of Hungary: sorry.
(Just to make it clear: I'm not with Mr. Gyurcsány and I'm not with Mr. Orbán either, I'm with Hungary and I want to see open-minded people in politics! There is not only a "red" way, and not only an "orange" way, there are a lot of possible solutions for the country and we could do better if we would be able to listen to each other sometimes and try to make compromises instead of the never-ending Gyurcsány-Orbán fight.)

CameWithWind_GoneInStorm 2006.10.27. 19:26:47

> instead of the never-ending Gyurcsány-Orbán fight.

i think these fights are all temporal and not never-ending. Think of the "Puppet" Mr. Medgyessy... He's gone with the wind...

As Gyurcsány will... but he'll go with a strong wind as we see.

The fight between right- and lef-side what won't end in the near future for sure.

I'm a bit sad that present-day Hungarians aren't a bit more really open-minded and they don't have a bit warmer heart.
That's how I feel.

Gyomorfekély 2006.10.27. 21:02:25

Yes, i've thought about the fight between the right- and left-side, the names aren't important in this game...
I'm also very sad, because the news are always full with bad things about our country. This is not the way it has to be. Why do we hate each other over and over again instead of working together on making this country a better place to live. I'm afraid that with the current Hungarian mentality we never gonna get out of this trouble...

Magyar Omar Hussein 2006.10.28. 03:21:51

i dont know, that's very shocking and i can not believe it, that's definately brutal Stalinist behaviour towards innocent people. Gyurcsany should be punised for not telling the cops to settle down on innocent people. Gyurcsany deserve to step down, enough of that 2 years Megyessi and 2 years szemet alat gyurcsany.

Laci 2006.10.28. 11:38:30

"Stalinist behaiviour"? Hardly! In Tblisis, Georgia, the Soviet parachuters killed demonstrating georgians with their sharp-edged showels. That is "Stalinist behaviour".

What is going on in Budapest now is nothing more than normal police tactics from a somewhat not so well trained (and maybe not so well motivated) force, who relay too heavy on water-cannons and teargas. Many of the cops are also from the country-side and some of them look at is a break from beating their local gypsies...

Compare the situation to France, Germany, Sweden, the US and LatinAmerica - They all had at least the same level of police "violence" the last 5 years, mostly connected to G8-meetings. Do you really think the French Riot Police were polite last year?

Or you do not have a problem with that because the victims were immigrants and not Tiszta Magyars?

csebal 2006.10.28. 13:54:40

Two quotes:

Quote #1:
"Minden rendszerváltó törvényünket - így a gyülekezési jogról szólót is - felül kellett volna vizsgálni 17 év után"

Rought translation:
"All our laws made during the 'change of state' - including the one about the right of assembly - should have been revised after 17 years"
(i was unable to find an english term for 'rendszerváltás')

Quote #2:
"Addig beszéltek összevissza a politikusok felelőtlenül arról, hogy a gyülekezési jog korlátozhatatlan, míg sokan ezt el nem hitték. Ezek után nem lehet csodálkozni, hogy október 23-án eddig fajult a helyzet"

Rough translation:
"The politicians have talked irresponsibly about how the right of assembly can not be limited for so long, that many started to believe it. In lights of this you shouldn't wonder about how the things during the 23rd of October have come to such a pass."

Guess who said these:
Ibolya Dávid, leader of the smaller right side party in the hungarian parliament.

When even the ones sharing the same ideology...

Um sorry, i'm not going to insult Mrs Dávid in such a manner.

So when even the ones on the same political side are against the ways of V. Orbán and his ways, then i honestly think they should think about it twice before calling the people on the street and start crying about revolution, overthrowing goverments etc.

OFC Mrs Dávid also thinks, that the prime minister should resign, and rightly so, but that's a different question.

As i said earlier, no action of the goverment, especially not lies - which are commonplace in politics if we put hippocricy aside for a moment - should justify the riotings that happen lately.

We live in a democracy FFS.

p.todd 2006.10.28. 20:16:53

Dear Csebal:

Mrs David as being on the same side as Orban. This is bending the truth... but even if it was true it would not
add anything to the validity of the sentences you cited.

You use the tool of mixing things to create a mood quite often...Just to pick to of them:

Pls. make a clear distinction between assembly, demonstrations, and riots. If we agree that the latter
is criminal act the formers not, we can conclude, that the rioters, as being criminals won't give a damn about changes of laws as they were not rioting now either because of any legal permission.
And being liberal about the formers I believe that no ones basic rights are conflicted with the right to assemble or demonstrate.

The other important distinction to be made is between halting rioters, violent elements i.e. the desired action to be taken by the police, and using improportional means of brutality, such as kicking and tortureing people forced already on the ground. The police has responsibility for this and not for the riots of course.
But this responsibility must be taken seriously and the obviously illegal actions must have consequences just as the destruction of the city should.

It would be good not to call each other brainwashed or whatever, but to step back and to try to think clearly.


Gorcsev · 2006.10.29. 03:46:02

I found an interesting article on the net! check this out brotha!

Ruiz Pablo Zamorano 2006.10.30. 21:54:09

Those half or maybe less witted cops who hit that lonesome man still don"t know that tey became crimilals. The gotta be jailed in the sake of the domcraty they raped. So, first the must be fund. Than trial, than jail for some 5 years at least.

A Voice 2006.10.31. 15:31:07

it just makes me think that otherwise sane and normal people I pass by daily on the street are readily available to listen-and-repeat the political rhetoric of extremism. it is highly unsettling.
an alarming development is that of Mr Orbán's recent comments concerning his Strassbourg speech. He has since repeatedly used the concepts "kommunista embertípus" that is in mirror translation, communist person type, and also "neokommunista embertípus", the neo-communist person type. I hope I don't have to draw a picture here of what is happening when politicians start talking like that. it has been done before in our system-changed national media, by the radical right MIÉP party.
I hope this politically induced street violence will not be manouvred against the so-called neo-communists, because that is when I get on a train or plane outta here before anyone forces me to. being as Hungarian as they come.

Budapest Photos · 2006.12.02. 18:25:05

I also have some personal photos on my blog site. about this event.
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