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The Italian Connection: "Avanti Ragazzi di Budapest"

2006.10.30. 12:43 | ike

Football hooligans were clearly in the avant-garde of rioters during the September 18 MTV siege and the following street fights: police have since identified hardcore fans of Újpest and FTC among the demonstrators. Riots in Hungary has gathered further evidence to prove the football connection – with an international twist.
This video was shot during an Internazionale game at Milan’s Stadio Giuseppe Meazza
(better known as San Siro, the home of city clubs FC Internazionale and AC Milan)  following the riots in Budapest. Watch the big white banner.

Further down south in Italy, fans of A.S. Roma hold a similar banner on October 25, just two days after the Budapest fights, during a Roma-Ascoli game. Photo via Core de Roma, a site dedicated to everything A. S. Roma.

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RaZo · 2006.10.30. 14:42:46

A strange song has also been written. check out!

str · http://http.// 2006.10.30. 14:44:07

so what? they saw some people on TV with Totti shirts on, beaten by police and covered in blood, so decided to support 'em.
i wouldn't be surprised to see these fanatics holding banners about the rights of french muslims and blacks living in poverty next week..


RaZo · 2006.10.30. 14:46:56

It's international "Ultra"ism. Football nazis unite.

str · http://http.// 2006.10.30. 14:49:24

Yeah, and while united, beat up each other and use your dislocated body parts to feed your little nazi children...
Am I too harsh here?

str · http://http.// 2006.10.30. 14:50:15

or just misunderstanding...

RaZo · 2006.10.30. 14:57:01

:) I ignore sports and nazis as well generally so I don' think we'd ever get mixed up.

Unherese 2006.10.31. 00:12:58

si vede nel mondo, quanto siete tutti voi stronzi...

BASTA per sempre! Il calcio e uno sport, nello sport c'é il fair play, non pensate che c'é bisogno anche nella vita cotidina di uno fair play?
Basta con tutti gli hulligani di calcio! Non abbiamo bisogno di voi, il vostro comportamento é uguale con il vostro Gattuso, tutto il mondo aveva visto!

supi007 2006.11.04. 21:45:17

gracie ragazzi!
i'm from hungary! we thanks your support!

nabilos · 2007.04.13. 18:09:56

viva ultra ragazzi (ir.fbs) conu

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