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A weblog about the current Hungarian riots.

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"We'll beat up everyone's heads, you rotten filth!"

2006.11.02. 09:38 | ike

English-language gastro blog reports that some American tourists were forced to hide in a restaurants' toilet when police raided the place on October 23. looking for rioters. A Canadian man and a German couple were beaten up, according to Budapest restaurants need larger…

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Do You Recognize Him?

2006.11.02. 09:29 | ike

Cop ID Contest update: "Do you recognize him?" That's what this hand-drawn poster, discovered by a friend on a wall near Madách tér in downtown Budapest asks passers-by. What's next? Pics on milk boxes?

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The Italian Connection: "Avanti Ragazzi di Budapest"

2006.10.30. 12:43 | ike

Football hooligans were clearly in the avant-garde of rioters during the September 18 MTV siege and the following street fights: police have since identified hardcore fans of Újpest and FTC among the demonstrators. Riots in Hungary has gathered further evidence to prove the football connection…

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